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October 23, 2018


My name is Paul Caplan, and this talk is part of the creation of an Afrikaner and Jewish Alliance, to be expanded immediately into a major Judeo-Christian Alliance, and Muslim as well.


So let’s try to see a way out of our current dangerous mess in South Africa.


In 1994, white rule ended in South Africa when the country elected a black government, led by the African National Congress, or the ANC.


The change of government took place after a huge series of discussions, known as the “Conference for a Democratic South Africa,” or “Codesa” as they called it.  The leading players  were  Mr. de Klerk the prime minister,  and Mr. Nelson Mandela.


At the time, the international Left had put white South Africa under such enormous  pressure that the elections amounted to unconditional surrender by the whites.


Of course, many whites were outraged with this new dispensation, but the ANC won the election , and became the new South African government, as it remains to this day.


And the ANC wasted no time in trying to wipe out as much of the old regime as possible.  They changed the names of the provinces, the names of towns and as many street names as they could, and they imposed the ideas of Russian socialism in every possible way.


But the most damaging  thing they did was to change the voting system to proportional representation, so that people had to vote for parties and not for individuals. And proportional representation means that whoever is in power is able to decide who to put into parliament, which makes it virtually impossible for the people to get rid of anyone against the wishes of the party.


And proportional representation also enables the ruling party to appoint the managers of any government organization, such as airways, electricity generation, education, broadcasting, railways, hospitals, revenue, justice, policing and so forth, and the government never has to answer to anybody but itself, no matter what ruination their useless managers cause.


This is why we have to live with such incompetence, corruption and criminality on a national scale, and this is why, after almost 25 years, the ANC has turned this once-prosperous country into a failed state on the brink of savagery and bloodshed, with an economy internationally rated as junk.


Indeed that is what we are. A failed and corrupt socialist state, whose farmers are being murdered by the thousand, as we wait for possible widespread bloodshed and savagery, with a lawless government intending to sieze our private property without compensation. That is where we are.


The fact is that when we handed over to the ANC, we surrendered our ability to defend ourselves, and by so doing we became utterly helpless.


And at the moment, Afriforum seems to be our main spokesman, but all they seem to do is to pester the government with complaints and  lawsuits, and are ignored as nothing but a damned nuisance.  


Making a nuisance of ourselves is not helping us, and neither is it helping the millions of our black compatriots who are equally sick and tired of the ANC. And the saddest part of it is that the millions of disillusioned blacks are beginning to see just how helpless we are.


And although they would never say so, they know that we are their only hope for a better life, and it must be very frightening for them to see us collapsing like weak-kneed fools before the gangsters of the ANC and EFF.


Actually, Afriforum has done one thing right, and that is to open cooperation with the Congress of the People, or COPE as they call themselves. COPE is still a very small party, but could eventually become a viable alternative to the ANC. But COPE knows that they need our help, and if we can't even help ourselves, how can we ever help them?


The answer is that we have to command respect, and the only way to do that, is to regain the brute strength we had before our brilliant leaders gave it away in 1994. 


If we are ever to replace the ANC and EFF with decent people, we will need the combined strength of all of our Christians, Jews and hopefully our Muslims.  And an Afrikaner and Jewish Alliance could be a very good way to start such a powerful movement. 


Now there is one thing that Afrikaners and Jews have in common, and that is a healthy regard for scriptures, and the scriptures have a great deal to offer as to how to handle these chaotic times of ours.


So if you want a scriptural view of our situation, then get yourself a copy of “God Versus the Left.”


Just click on any of the book buttons in this blog and you can get the book in a few seconds.


So this is Paul Caplan signing out and thanking you for your time and attention.










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