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October 8, 2018




Every day white South Africans flood the internet with reports of the crime and violence in our country, and the government's inability or unwillingness to do anything about it.


There is not much optimism in South Africa's internet traffic. Much of it is is bitter, angry and fearful, and above all, helpless. We dont know what to do, and there doesn't seem to be any future other than conomic decline and and violence.


This has destroyed investor confidence in the country, and this is beginning to hurt a great many people.


We now know that the African National Congress is not capable of running a modern country like ours, and that if we simply take no action then their ignorance and corruption will continue to destroy whatever we have, and leave nothing except ruination, violence and bloodshed.     


Of course we have representatives talking to the government,  like Afriforum for example,  but Afriforum's words are directed at backward and ignorant people who cannot understand what is being said to them, and don’t want to hear it anyway.


Every day we hear about some new farm attack, or hijacking or armed robbery, or murder or rape, or state corruption or grand theft on a national scale, and all we do is talk about it, or post about it on Facebook or YouTube.


We need to face the fact that South Africa’s population of whites and Asians are the only ones who can save the country, not only for ourselves, but for the tens of millions of black people who could succeed if only they had decent leadership. 


And those in power need to understand that there many South Africans who are potentially more powerful than they are. We are not afraid of them, and, make no mistake, if we decide to act, we will be capable of getting rid of them.


And we would not be idiotic enough to try to regain the reins of government. Instead, we would have the much wider aim of supporting a new and better black government that can succeed, instead of failing as miserably as the corrupt and ignorant ANC, and would never try the socialist ideas that have failed everywhere else, and can never succeed in a million years. 


Afriforum is already cooperating with the tiny political party COPE, the Peoples' Congress, but without any brute power this cooperation has not a snowball's hope in hell.


Now in order for us to save the situation, what we need nis is brute power. We know that the ANC and their Leftist friends will fight tooth and nail to hold on to power, even if it means bringing the nation to its knees.     


But without brute power, all we can do is complain and send posts to Facebook and YouTube, until everything comes crashing down. And if that is the best we can do, then we will fully deserve the catastrophe we'll get.


And Afriforum needs to understand this simple truth, if they want to continue their leadership role. If they cannot or will not understand it, then we'll have to get someone who does. 


We have no shortage of military specialists who can assess what we need and what it will cost, and we certainly have the national energy to raise the money, even if it comes to billions.


This enormous issue is not just about South Africa. The South African crisis is part of the great Biblical struggle that John called "Armageddon" that has already begun between Judeo-Christian civilization and the international Left.


If we have any regard for biblical prophesy, we need to acknowledge that there will never be any peaceful settlement between godly people and the Left. On the contrary, the solution will be violent, and we need to face that fact. 


So get a copy of “God versus the Left,” which will show you where we are in these troubled times.


So this is Paul Caplan signing out and thanking you for your time and attention.














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