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September 25, 2018


Afriforum and COPE (Congress of the People) have recently announced that they are cooperating to prevent the ANC and EFF lunacy of confiscating private property without compensation.


COPE has the sort of intelligent and sophisticated approach that could create permanent and successful cooperation between black South Africans and the rest of us. Conservatives have always hoped for such a setup, but we have never managed to achieve it.


We are capitalists and we simply cannot see eye to eye with the socialistic ANC. Unfortunately COPE is still too small to make itself heard above the noise generated by the ANC and EFF.


The ANC knows very well that the EFF is appealing to the deepest emotions of millions of poor people who have no idea of how disastrous it would be to simply grab assets without compensation.


And the ANC is being dragged into the expropriation lunacy not because they want to do it, but because Malema and his associates  will label them as “sellouts” or servants to white masters , or some other rabble rousing slogan.  So the ANC has to go along with it if they want to stay in power, or even stay alive.


And to make Malema’s position still stronger, he is openly blaming the ANC for all the terrible corruption that has stolen tens of billions from the people, and he is also saying that many of the ANC have been in government for so long that they are now too old to make any improvements. 


The fact is that the ANC is now powerless to prevent Mr. Malema from realizing his ambition to grab power and the presidency from the ANC, which they mean to do, whatever it takes.


And it is also clear that Mr. Malema thinks that we Whites and Asians are completely helpless, and he can do whatever he likes to us. He completely disregards us as a factor in his political aims. 


And so far, the only significant resistance to Mr Malema’s campaign is coming from Afriforum the most prominent organization representing us, but as things stand they have absolutely no chance against Mr. Malema.


The only way to stop Malema and company is by a show of brute force, but so far Afriforum doesn’t seem interested in that option.


Very few of Mr.Malema’s  poverty-stricken followers understand  Afriforum’s viewpoint, but they will certainly understand brute force, if we have it.

We don’t have to use it. We just have to show that we have it.


And worst of all, some  Afrikaners like “Die Suidlanders,” want to run away, instead of standing strong. But the only thing these “Suidlanders” are doing is to cause disunity among the Afrikaners, which definitely doesn’t help the situation.


This disunity is an old Afrikaner weakness and a sure recipe for total catastrophe under pressure. 


If we want to stand strong, we are going to need money and international diplomacy, and this is where South African Jews can help, if they are not too full of nonsense.


And my fellow Jews, you need to understand that if you are indeed too full of nonsense to step up to the plate, then the whole world will raise the same old cry, “You see? You can’t rely on the Jews, because when the chips are down they’ll chicken out and run to Israel.”


And the anti-Semites who say that will be one hundred percent correct.


If we want to mobilize the whites and Asians they have to be given a clear and definite job to do, like raising the money for military hardware needed for brute force.


And if our people do indeed have a single task like raising money, there can be no doubt that they will succeed brilliantly.


A show of brute force is the only thing that can put a stop to the expropriation lunacy, and the farm murders.


And furthermore, it will also force the black population to consider political options other than the socialism of the ANC or EFF.


Black South Africans can see very clearly  that the ANC has failed, and that they should elect other parties like COPE for example, who have a much clearer idea of how to turn South Africa into a shining example of cooperation and success.


Surely our whites and Asians are tired of arguing with these incompetent ANC socialist idiots, who corrupt and destroy at everything they touch?


When we Jews were fighting for our existence in the Holy Land in the nineteen forties, ordinary Jewish people throughout the world united to raise the necessary funds for the war, and they succeeded brilliantly.


So the time has come for Afrikaners to do the same thing. Maybe Afriforum can lead this movement.


But whoever leads it must be aware that they cannot do it alone. South Africa's, whites, Asians and well informed blacks have to shoulder the duty of raising the necessary money.


And if they do, the whole country will marvel at it, and their fame will spread throughout the whole of Africa, and take the whole world by storm.


And it is also worth reminding our Afrikaner compatriots of the vow before Blood River, a vow that you have repeated publicly for many years.


You vowed to build a church. And a brilliantly successful South Africa based on godly is that church, and the time to build it is now. And if you do this, then the rest of us will back you every inch of the way.


This is biblical stuff related to God, Christianity, Judaism and Islam, and for a more detailed biblical view of our duties, get yourself a copy of God versus the Left.


Just click on the book image on every page and you’ll go through to Amazon books, where you can get in a few seconds.


So this is Paul Caplan signing out and thanking you for your time and attention.  








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