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September 9, 2018



The previous blog post on this matter was made on 4th of July, and since that time white and Asian South Africans have continued the mild and legalistic approach that has no effect on the ANC or the EFF, both of whom believe that the whites and Asians are helpless. And the longer we allow them to believe this, the more threatening they will become.


It should be obvious to all whites and Asians that the President, Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa and his ANC  are frightened of Mr. Malema and his EFF, and this fear is forcing him to reluctantly go along with this lunatic expropriation plan.


If whites and Asians are able to show visible and convincing power, this will greatly help Mr. Ramaphosa to publicly admonish Mr. Malema to cool down and not bring catastrophe on the whole nation.


Obviously, Mr. Ramaphosa and his ANC cannot be seen to ask for our help, but they need it whether they say so or not, no matter what we think of them.  And the way to do this is for us to become formidable enough to enable Mr. Ramaphosa to publicly shut Mr. Malema up.


This expropriation lunacy has already caused a reaction from the overseas media, and Mr Trump himself has already commented about it.


Mr. Trump's comment alone was enough to cause the ANC to slam on the brakes, and if an Afrikaans and Jewish alliance is announced on top of that, then just the announcement alone could bring them to their senses. Even if we never even took any real action..


The ANC and the EFF live in a little dream world of their own, and when they suddenly realize that there is a very big world out there that doesnt appreciate what they are doing, it will hit them like a bucketful of ice water.


This is an extremely dangerous situation, and we cannot afford to waste any more time talking. We need to command respect while we still can.  


The South African situation is very much related to the sorry state of both Judaism and Christianity, which is why these two subjects are included in the same blog.


So why not get yourself a copy of God versus the Left, which is all about how we got here, and where we go from here.


So this is Paul Caplan signing off and thanking you for your time and attention










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