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September 4, 2018


This fiery and intelligent YouTube speech provides a very accurate and true picture of where we are, and it is a pity that the message is somewhat weakened by the speaker’s extreme profanity and lack of regard for the feelings of others.


Nevertheless, he describes the situation with great clarity, but the problem is that the video ends before we are told what to do, and we have to assume that he does not know...


Broadly, he says that the corrupt and incompetent South African government has failed at everything it undertook to do in 1994, and that its members are far more concerned with enriching themselves than in improving the lot of their people.


The black populace is now disillusioned and outraged with the ANC government, and a rising black leader by the name of Julius Malemma, is directing this outrage against the whites and Asians.


Malemma is telling his followers that South Africa’s whites and Asians are responsible for the hopeless circumstances of blacks, because we stole their land and other property, with violence and genocide. He calls upon them to recover it with equal violence and savagery, and with wholesale murder to follow, but not just yet, as he puts it.


So what can we do to get this very unstable and dangerous situation under control?


Let us begin by observing that the vast majority of black South Africans do not wish to get involved in the power-struggle between the ANC and Malemma’s EFF party. It will not be hard to convince them that their best bet is to keep their jobs and slowly improve the economy, until they can build an altogether new party, with wise, mature and honest leadership, and without the misguided socialism that has almost turned our once-prosperous country into a failed state.


What we whites and Asians have to do is make ourselves strong enough to keep the nation stable, until our black compatriots can replace the ANC with a new party, with trustworthy and modern leaders.

And if they can do this, then Malemma and the EFF will simply evaporate.


Now in order to convince the black population that this scenario is possible, we Whites and Asians have to show them that we have the military power to prevent wholesale EFF chaos, and are not at all frightened of anything Malemma might say or do.


We have to start by deciding what military hardware and manpower we will need, and how much the whole project will cost. And we certainly have the military people who can do this, and the people who know how to raise the money.


The ANC wants to expropriate property without compensation because they are frightened that Malemma is using this idea to attract huge support, but as soon as our own military power becomes obvious enough, the ANC will be able to ridicule Malemma, and force him to abandon his expropriation nonsense.


But there is no getting away from the fact that the only way to stop to this potential catastrophe is by rattling our sabers loudly enough to regain the respect that the National Party foolishly threw away in 1994.  We have to be firm in order to avoid complete catastrophe.  It is our responsibility and we have to face that fact.


And furthermore, we South Africans have to show the kind of leadership that can crush the Left and restore Judeo Christian moral fibre to the entire Western world.


And if we succeed, and South Africa begins to attract investment, then we will create the greatest  boom in history, and that will provide the money necessary to make the dreams of all South Africans come true.


That’s what God and duty can do, and that is what an Afrikaans and Jewish Alliance could launch.


So this is Paul Caplan signing off and thanking you for your time and attention.









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