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July 4, 2018


In the New Testament book of Matthew 24, Jesus foresaw a time of terrible tribulation, worse than any human suffering, past, present or future. And many Christians are still undecided whether the tribulation has already taken place, or still lies ahead. Are we now in the "pre-tribulation" or "post tribulation” age? 


To this day, the Christian clergy wrongly assumes that the tribulation is a misfortune that will overtake all of humanity, but when Jesus referred to the coming tribulation, he was not referring to all humankind, he was talking to the Jews alone. The tribulation concerns what the Christians would do to the Jews, as has actually taken place for the past 2000 years.


And what was Jesus trying to do in the first place. Well, a clique of corrupt rabbis was busy gathering tens of thousands of documents that recorded their own inferior wisdom, into a gigantic ocean of rubbish that was to become known as “the Talmud.”


Now the Covenant consisted of the Ten Commandments and the Oral Law, which was made up of brief, simple and powerful explanations of each Commandment.  And the Covenant had served Israel perfectly for fifteen hundred years.


But the rabbis began to mix their own Talmudic rubbish with the Covenant.  And Jesus could see that the inferior rabbinical rubbish would soon contaminate and swamp the Covenant. This would destroy the national understanding of the Covenant, and expose the nation to the terrible consequences of breaking the Covenant, as described in Deuteronomy 28:15.


Meanwhile the gigantic Talmud enabled the rabbis to create a vast Talmud education industry that generated enormous sums of money for the rabbis and their Roman accomplices, and the profits went all the way to many senators in Rome.    


And the people very soon became bored with the rabbis and their Talmudic rubbish, and began to lose their pride and passion for the Covenant.  And before long, just as Moses had warned, Israel became as rotten as any other nation, or even worse. 


And to this day the rabbis still force-feed the Jews the same Talmudic trash that brought us down 2000 years ago, and, as a result, we are still the most hated people on earth.


Now Jesus fought to his last breath to prevent the breach of the Covenant,  by teaching the genuine Covenant and Oral Law, instead of the rubbish being taught by the rabbis. And his brilliant oratory put the crooked rabbis to shame, and he eventually gathered such a huge following, that it threatened the entire Talmud racket. So it became obvious that Jesus had to go, and it was just a question of how to do it.


Meanwhile Jesus could see that the Romans were very impressed with his teachings, and he realized that the Romans had seen the enormous possibilities of creating a new religion among the Gentile nations, based on his name and brilliant teachings. The Talmud racket had taught the Romans how to make money from religion, and they saw that they could make an untold fortune by working with a Gentile following,  a hundred times the size of Israel.


 And Jesus could see that this plan would work very well, and that the new Roman-backed religious movement would become the most powerful religious and financial empire ever seen on earth.


But he also knew that the Jews would get in the way. They would never accept the idea of the divinity of Jesus, and their heckling and scoffing would destroy the whole enormous plan. And he could see very clearly that the Romans would never allow their project to be jeopardized by a small people such as the Jews.


Firstly they would murder him, then they would get rid of the rabbis who were expecting to be included in the project, and then they and their millions of Gentile converts would accuse, revile, torture and butcher the Jews, for a seemingly endless period of time, known only to God.


 And Jesus warned the nation to expect this catastrophe, and to flee as soon as the Roman project got under way.


We now know that Jesus was one hundred percent correct in his predictions, for the Romans and their huge army of believers inflicted tribulation upon the Jews the like of which had never been seen before, and will never be seen again. Since then the Jews have been tormented, butchered or expelled from wherever they took refuge, and the Holocaust was just one of those terrible episodes, and perhaps may not be the last.


And Jesus said that if this time of tribulation was not shortened, there would be not one Jew left alive, but because of a small elite among the Jews, the tribulation would indeed be ended.


And that small elite band would have to get rid of the rabbinical and Talmudic millstone around our necks, and prevent the more foolish of our brethren from supporting the Left, or the tribulation will return, and none of us will survive.


Now Christian scholars are very sharp, and are getting sharper and bolder by the day, and as soon as they begin to see the tribulation from the Jewish viewpoint, as described here, then they and their Jewish colleagues will very quickly solve hundreds of other scriptural matters that have baffled humanity   for centuries.


And then, finally, they will throw out all nonsensical prophecies, and join with the Jews in redeeming the simple and powerful Covenant. Then the deserted churches and synagogues will spring to life once again, with power and prestige that seems unbelievable in this age of lunatic leftism.


And as for the Jews, the Talmudic rabbis will fight tooth and nail to keep their power, and the ability to teach falsehood to the Jewish people, as they have done for 2000 years, and the Jews will understand why the bible refers to the Talmud as “the abomination of desolation.”


All of this drama, past and present, is dealt with in chapter and verse in the book "God Versus the Left" so why not get yourself a copy, and let its presence in your home identify you as a godly conservative, who means to defeat  the  Left and secure our Judeo-Christian civilization.















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