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July 4, 2018


When the ANC took power in 1994, they immediately established an iron grip on power, and began to enrich themselves by plundering the nation they had vowed to serve.



They have continued to betray and plunder the nation for almost 25 years, but many black South Africans now understand that this useless and corrupt organization cares nothing for them, and can never ever lead them to the golden future that seemed possible in 1994, and should still be possible.   


But many whites were aware that given enough rope, the ANC would eventually hang itself.  And now, in January 2018, they finally have enough rope. 


The ANC has trashed everything they have touched for the past 24 years.  For example, our International Financial standing, Eskom, SAA, SABC, National Health, Education, Police, their unlimited corruption, and anything else one cares to mention.


There are also some smaller but equally infuriating things related to the ANC, such as charging a farmer with manslaughter after he shot and killed farm invaders, and sentencing a lady to prison for 3 years for losing her temper and using racist language after she had been mugged by blacks. The list goes on....


And then there is their utter lack of concern regarding the murder and mayhem on our farms, and their intention to help themselves to private property without compensation.


Surely, if all of this uncivilized conduct is allowed to continue, then we have only ourselves to blame if it deteriorates into unbridled savagery and bloodshed.


Let us consider for a moment, that since the ANC has trashed and corrupted every national institution, they must have done the same to the military as well.  And if so, it represents a golden opportunity for the Afrikaners to become the major armed force in the nation. It would then become impossible for the more bloodthirsty lunatics in our country to carry out their threats of murder and mayhem.


With superior organizational ability, Afrikaners and Jews could rapidly assemble armed power that the ANC would be completely unable to match, and would be left helpless and ridiculous before the entire nation.


Our alliance would then make it clear that we have no ambitions to regain power, but intends to keep the country stable while making every effort to help our black compatriots to establish the sort of government they have always wanted and needed, with godly, decent and patriotic people of their own choice who can succeed brilliantly, unlike the detestable leftist ANC.   


And furthermore, if we think and act in this way, we will be able to explain to the world what we are doing, and the leftists will not be able to portray us in a bad light, as they will certainly try to do.


Furthermore, it will soon become clear to black South Africans that our goal is not to regain power, but to help them to build a great and glorious African nation at the Southern tip of the continent, a nation that will strengthen and inspire the whole of Africa. And if we can achieve this, then black South Africans themselves will become part of our democratic military force, and eventually take it over altogether, and make it into a really high-quality national defence force of their own.


The struggle in South Africa is not about black versus white.  It is about civilization versus leftist damnation.  It is, in fact, the beginning of the great struggle that the Bible calls “Armageddon,” and if we understand the biblical nature of humanity’s current situation, then we are already halfway to the successful outcome promised by the giants of scripture. 


These pictures of Afrikaans and Israeli troops clearly show that these two nations are capable of purpose and dignity, and it is clearly our duty to lead the world struggle for Godly civilization against the destruction of the whole world, at the hands of the Leftists.


 The ANC decision to expropriate property without compensation is a typical leftist act, no different  from their twenty years of leftist acts that have all but destroyed the high hopes of their people.


Actually, Afrikaners and South African Jews stand at the crossroads of human destiny, for our alliance concerns far more than the future of South Africa. 


This alliance is the beginning of the biblical event described by both Moses and Jesus, whereby the Jewish people reclaim the broken Covenant of Sinai from the grip of the Pharisee rabbinate where it has remained for 2000 years.


And also, if the Afrikaners can become an inspiration to their African compatriots, then they will have succeeded in building the church promised before the battle of Blood River.


The struggling Judeo Christian world is in desperate need of hope and leadership, and if we step forward with that leadership, we will be astounded at the strength of the support we receive.


Forget about the United Nations and all the useless and corrupt world councils. Forget about the rubbish known as international law.  Think only about God and duty, and all will be well.


And while you are about it, get yourself a copy of God Versus the Left, which is all about the fall of the Jewish people, and the glorious recovery that awaits Jews and Christians, if we understand our duty and do it.


So this is Paul Caplan signing out, and thanking you for your time and attention.






















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