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My name is Paul Caplan, and for the time being I am the convenor of what I hope will become a very powerful movement both in South Africa and the rest of the world, namely the Afrikaans and Jewish Alliance.


So let’s get down to business without delay.


The situation in South Africa is becoming more unstable and dangerous by the day.


It is now obvious that black South Africa’s first attempt at modern government under the ANC has been a total failure, and that instead of the bright future they promised in 1994, they have produced little more than a corrupt and failed state that is becoming unstable and extremely dangerous.


Until now the governing ANC has seemed unshakeable, but now the Economic Freedom Fighters, the EFF, under a shrewd and ruthless leader, has become a very credible threat that obviously has the ANC very worried.


The EFF plan is to blame the ANC and the whites for the failure of the New South Africa, and to whip up thedespair and humiliation of millions into murderous hostility that could easily turn into violence and savagery on a huge scale.  


The message of the EFF is that they intend to confiscate private property without compensation, and nationalize the banks, and of course, none of their brainless followers understand how insane this idea really is. 


So the EFF mixes this primitive idea with visions of bloodshed, slaughter and land invasion, and this powerful emotion is taking hold of large parts of the nation.  Now for the time being our farmers are getting the worst of it, but the rest of us had better realise that we too could very suddenly find ourselves in the same mortal danger.


In short, the first attempt by black South Africans to run a modern state has failed, and the EFF is now exploiting this failure to try to overpower the ANC and replace them as the ruling power.


 The EFF does not care a damn if they plunge the entire nation into bloodshed and chaos. They want power and that is how they mean to get it.   And this situation could very easily turn into one of the most frightful tragedies in human history.


The new South Africa has failed at its first attempt, and the only wise response is for whites and Asians to manage the situation in such a way as to make it possible for millions of decent and responsible black South Africans to get rid of the ANC and replace them with better people, with a better chance of governing properly.


Our black compatriots must not lose heart. They must keep moving forwards and developing slowly but surely.


The last they must do is to suddenly go off their heads and fall on their backsides by listening to the EFF.


Whites and Asians should not be stupid enough to try to regain political power in South Africa.  Our best bet is to  

make it possible for the great many wise and  hardworking black South Africans to find better leaders, and slowly but surely keep strengthening whatever foundations foundations they have already built.   


Thats the only road to a bright future, and in order to convince them that this is the way to go, South Africa’s Whites and Asians have to demonstrate beyond all doubt that we are not afraid of the EFF, and can very easily destroy them with military power far greater than their own.


No one should assume that African people are stupid, because with the right attitude, thay can do anything we can do. Our job is to keep the country steady, and let them get on with it, and if we can do this, hundreds of millions of conservative Westerners will support us.


And this brings us, of course, to the Jews, who are absolutely crucial not only to the defence of South Africa, but the defence of the entire Judeo Christian civilization.


We are a nation in very bad philosophical and theological shape, riddled with the leftist ideas and all sorts of rubbish that that comes from 2000 years of the rottenness of our synagogue.     


The State of Israel is constantly under attack from the international left, which includes such bodies as the United Nations, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and any number of other leftist organizations that never stop trying  to stamp out Judeo Christian values.


That is their mission, and without it they would come to a complete standstill. And the shameful truth is that we Jews are the driving force behind most of these horrible leftist institutions.


This is because our national credo, the simple and powerful Ten Commandment that comprise our Covenant, have been so completely swamped and corrupted by 2000 years of rabbinical deception, that our moral fibre is shot to pieces, and we hardly know the difference between right and wrong.


Now some Afrikaner organizations such as Suidlanders, have decided to run and hide rather than fight, and they have made elaborate survival preparations for the day the sky falls in.


What do they hope to achieve in the long run? The only possible outcome of burying oneself is to end up committing suicide in some bunker, while hordes of howling savages try to dig you out.    


If the Afrikaners and Jews can stand together for righteousness and decency in South Africa, then we could well become the rallying point for decent and Godly people all over the world.


If we bet on moral fibre, how can we lose?


Afrikaners and Jews are now the front line in the struggle for moral fibre, and that is the responsibility we carry, whether we like it or not.


This responsibility is the main subject of the book God Versus the Left. So why not get yourself a copy, and give some thought to these very heavy matters.