Please help this vital cause


At present, the Judeo-Christian world is drifting into a potentially tragic  situation.

The bitter disagreement between Godly, disciplined and reasonable people is deteriorating into outright violent confrontation, which could engulf the entire world.

Only the combined efforts of wise and reasonable South Africans can save this situation, and these people are to be found in every racial group in the country.

However, It seems that such an organization can be assembled only by an alliance between Afrikaners and Jews, who will need the power of the social networks of the internet.

This will require funding, and this web-site may show whether or not this funding will be available.  We therefore appeal for donations large or small, so that the forces of Godliness, discipline and decency in South Africa can defeat those of leftist chaos and bloodshed.      

All moneys received will be will be open to inspection by any donor at any time. As you can see, donations are entered in US Dollars, automatically converted from your own currency.

Please help us get started. This is a dangerous situation that could become terrible if we do nothing. On the other hand, if we succeed, it could be magnificent.

Paul Caplan. 

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